We're pretty much done!?

My entry for the Ludum Dare Jam #38, themed "A Small World".

...Protect the precious small world!

The game is completely playable on browser and touch devices. Touch and drag anywhere on the screen to aim, double tap to bomb and kill all enemies on screen!

Powerups will either give you a better shot type (or extend the duration of your current powerup) or give you an extra bomb, up to a maximum of 3. You can also just let them fall to the planet to regrow its health!

Tap on the tiny planet to pause the game. The World!

Due to severe and unexpected restraints in the free version of Construct 2, the software I'm using, the game ended up being a lot more simple than I had planned, so for now it's just an arcade-ish thing. Go for a personal highscore!!

While I did much better than in my last jam, I am still not satisfied with the result thanks to Construct 2's constraints on free users, so I'm honestly not expecting much here. If, though, there's enough nice feedback (I mean I don't expect anyone to be excited for a "full" version of an arcade shooter) I might get hyped enough to migrate it to Game Maker or somewhere else and actually make it a bigger game.

Anyways, hope you get a few minutes of fun out of this! See you in the next jam!?

Man I wish I could make music

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