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Thought I'd organize my projects on itch.io so I'm bringing this game over here. Small entry for a 2015 game jam, files are as salvaged from the site where it was originally uploaded to since I no longer possess the source files.

From the original upload:

"My first game project and #INDIESVSGAMERS entry!

A classical space adventure paying homage to great Golden Age cabinet hits!

IT IS FINISHED! I've been researching games from the era I want to simulate and paying attention to the small details that give that arcade feel I want to achieve for this Game Jam's theme.

Objectives down:

  1. All-around arcade feel, graphics, and engine
  2. Player controls
  3. A basic enemy to beat around
  4. Lives and score management
  5. Background-prettifying
  6. That cool jingle when you start a new game
  7. Stage-clearing and difficulty progression
  8. Boss!
  9. Different enemy types

I couldn't get to implement secrets...! Too bad!

Sadly I'm a team of one but development has been smoother than I expected, so I'll do my best to make this as good a game as possible within the allotted time frame. So far it's been a great learning experience, so I'm already taking something positive from this! But for now, onwards with development!!


Version 1.1 is up!


  • FIXED THE ENEMY AI. At last. No more spinny tops.
  • The boss fight music has been updated by the original author! …And given a name.

And that’s it! This is HyperGate as it should have looked for the Indies vs. Gamers Jam. I have plans to blow some more life into it sometime when I have more free time though!"

Release date Nov 10, 2015
Made withUnity
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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HyperGate (.rar file with executable) 9 MB
Soundtrack (.zip file) 1 MB

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